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Detail of way-finding mural at Portland Museum of Art

Detail of way-finding mural at Portland Museum of Art


This is a site for the ephemra and use objects that Chris Johanson and I (Johanna Jackson) make together and individually.  Our favorite art (?) is the art of enjoying/enduring life.  The art of your body lying on something, drinking something out of something.  With a difficult record on the stereo.  You can check out more of our individual work at and


Chris and I made these capes, and also some blankets and prints with Welcome Editions.  Welcome Editions brings employment and empowerment to local (Cincinnati) refugee and immigrant women, they sewed and block printed these capes that we designed.  Some of the capes have original painting details on them.  Check them out at


We. construct. marvels. between.between.monuments.


Chris and I built and made furniture and a long path of a mural for a year long exhibition series at the Portland Art Museum.  Curated by  Libby Werbel, this series is about encouraging audiences to think critically about how museums have traditionally granted access to art and knowledge, and what the future of the institution could look like.   


WSOHOIDPS Music and Art Festival June 16 and 17, 2018.  Chris' band Sunfoot is playing and I am making an installation.  Lonnie Holley and  Tara Jane O'Neil are playing, and heaps more.  Tickets at